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Business-Piece was launched in June 2016 by university students Michal Estok and Marian Bednarcik as a free time activity. After receiving a greater audience than expected, we decided to purchase our own domain and cooperate with more like-minded people. In February 2017, Jean Romain Fourika became a contributor and in March 2017 Arvin Sandhu and Tomas Sisak joined the team as well. To date, Business-Piece has received thousands of visitors from over 100 countries worldwide.


Michal Estok, founder, focuses on corporate finance, investment banking and macroeconomic topics. Click here to see more.

Marian Bednarcik, founder, focuses on stock and bond markets. Click here to see more.

Jean Romain Fourika, author, focuses on currencies, commodities, energy and technology. Click here to see more.

Arvin Sandhu, contributor, focuses on politics and major stock markets worldwide. Click here to see more.

Tomas Sisak, contributor, focuses on general topics in investing and markets. Click here to see more.

David Borovsky, contributor, focuses on topics ranging from geopolitical to socio-demographic issues. Click here to see more.

We aim to provide our readers with comprehensive and interesting analyses and reviews of financial markets and corporate finance related topics. We also want to focus on global economic issues and analyse their impact on financial markets. We strive to deliver content that is not available elsewhere and so utilise our uniqueness to attract a wide spectrum of audiences.

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