As 2016 was not the IPOs year, 2017 has much better outlooks. That’s mostly because of historic highs in the stock market, which determine IPO activity and expected business-friendly administration with the stated goal of less regulation and lower taxes in the US. Moreover, there are also a number of highly anticipated tech companies scheduled to go public this year.


The biggest IPO of the year could be the IPO of Snap Inc, a parent company of Snapchat. According to, the Snapchat IPO could seek a valuation of $25 billion, making it the largest U.S. technology IPO since Facebook went public in 2012 at an $81 billion valuation. Snapchat is valued at about $17.8 billion in the private market. Snapchat selected Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriters. According to Bloomberg, other underwriters include JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Allen & Co., Barclays and Credit Suisse.

Uber IPO lost some of its luster last year after the company reported a huge $1.2 billion loss. If its IPO was to happen, which is less likely than we thought in 2016, it would be probably the biggest IPO of the year, as Uber is valued at $68 billion.


Airbnb might be another highly valued IPO. It has been subject to IPO rumours since 2014. Its IPO could be the IPO of the year as well, as it is one of the most highly valued start-up companies at around $30 billion — second, in fact, only to Uber.


Spotify is the next candidate for a significant IPO in 2017. This music-streaming service has over 100 million active users and 40 million paying users. It is recently valued at $8 billion.

In the energy sector, there is the likely biggest IPO of all time: Saudi Aramco, which could be the whale that ate the unicorns, with a potentially trillion-dollar listing according to cnbc.

Other anticipated IPOs include Palantir Technologies, Vice Media, Elevate Credit, Lyft, Pinterest, Dropbox, Bank of Butterfield, SoFi and Blue Apron.